Mr. Meyerson explores new professions

Mr. Meyerson explores new professions

BP Photo by Leona Fallas

FRIENDS: Mr. Meyerson appreciates the meaningful connection he has made with his students.

By Zev Hurwitz, Acting Editor-in-Chief

Mr. Gabriel Meyerson will be leaving at the end of this academic year after a year of teaching a Jewish History and Middle East and Holocaust studies as well as Hebrew language.  He is planning to leave teaching and explore other career opportunities.

During his stay at Shalhevet, Mr. Meyerson was able to make what he calls “meaningful connections” with his students.

“He’s my favorite teacher,” declared junior Meshi Amzalag, who had Mr. Meyerson for Holocaust and Middle East Studies. “He teaches us valuable life lessons while incorporating his love for the Jewish people.”

“Mr. Meyerson is a very patient person and likes to help us learn,” said junior Sarah Hazani.

Before coming to Shalhevet, Meyerson worked as a translator for MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute, which tries to improve communication between Arab and Western countries by translating and publicizing Arab media. Originally from Seattle, he lived in Israel for five years. Now he plans to explore other options.

“I’m moving to greener pastures,” Mr. Meyerson said, adding jokingly, “I was thinking about working on my rap album, but I don’t know.”

Mr. Meyerson can be contacted at [email protected]

 “I really liked working with my students and colleagues,” said Meyerson. “They never ceased to surprise me.