New Ed Support director wants to bring out what’s special in students who doubt it


BP Photo by Vivienne Schlussel

EXPAND: Mrs. Grover is passionate about working with high schoolers and fascinated by how many differences students at that age can display. She hopes to get more space for the Student Support department, whose offices have often been crowded.

With a passion for bringing out unknown capabilities in children with learning differences, Mrs. Darlene Grover has joined the Shalhevet staff as of Nov. 15, as the new Director of Education Support.

Coming from a long line of educators – her grandmother was a school principal in India – Mrs. Grover has worked in teaching for 16 years, most recently for eight years at Westmark School, a private K-12 school located in Encino that’s entirely devoted to overcoming students’ learning differences.

In an interview with the Boiling Point, Mrs. Grover said she started out as a public school English teacher, and soon became fascinated by the different perspectives individuals have on learning – and the realization that everyone’s way of thinking is unique.

“I noticed that a lot of students who had … ADHD, dyslexia – any of that – they were not getting enough support in big classes, and it broke my heart, and so I wanted to do something about that,” Mrs. Grover said.

Her role is to guide students who think they may have some sort of learning difference, as well as to assist individual students with organization, time management, writing skills and other issues that affect their academic success.

“I love helping people who feel like they don’t know themselves, and who feel like they might not have something special about them,” Mrs. Grover said. “Because I know for a fact that that’s not true – and I love bringing that out in someone. That’s the joy that I get.”

I love helping people who feel like they don’t know themselves, and who feel like they might not have something special about them. Because I know for a fact that that’s not true.

— Mrs. Darlene Grover, Director of Ed. Support

She also hopes to expand the Student Support space.

Mrs.Grover grew up in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley and attended Notre Dame high school. She studied English at UC Berkeley and received a master’s in teaching from USC. While at Berkeley, she taught at the local student learning center and worked with people with learning disabilities, and from then on, her love for teaching grew.

She said she always knew she wanted to be a teacher.

“A lot of my family members – in fact, majority of my family members – are teachers, so we all kind of live and breathe this,” said Mrs. Grover. “It’s in our blood.”

Besides educating, Mrs. Grover enjoys reading all types of literature and will occasionally enter writing competitions. She also enjoys puzzles, playing with her two sons, going outdoors, doing art, and playing sports but specifically Basketball.

Mrs. Grover replaces Dr. Ashley Evins, who resigned the night before the first day of school. She said her welcome had been warm in spite of the timing.

“There’s just an outpouring of love and respect already that people have and I just really appreciate that,” Mrs. Grover said. “There’s a feeling of family that’s here at Shalhevet.”