The Fairness Committee’s official statement appointing three Fairness Co-Chairs for next year


BP Photo by Zoey Botnick

TESTIFY: During the Fairness Committee’s open hearing this morning, junior Joseph Klores, elected as Co-Chair in the instant runoff vote, gave a statement.

Following a public Fairness Committee hearing today regarding whether the Fairness Chair election outcomes would change, the Fairness Committee deliberated and concluded to change the result. For the 2019-2020 school year, juniors Joseph Klores, Gilad Spitzer, and Evan Rubel will serve as Co-Chairs, despite only Joseph and Evan winning in the instant runoff voting style. The Fairness Committee provided the Boiling Point with the following statement regarding their decision:

After great deliberation over the Fairness chair election, the Fairness committee has decided to select three chairs for the 2019-2020 school year. Being as the voting process for an instant runoff is flawed for positions with more than one winner, those elected may not have been accurate to the desires of the student body. People’s first and second choices were weighted differently, but one could argue that they should have been weighted the same. However, one cannot know voters’ thought processes during elections. Therefore, through tallying the votes to account for this and to stay true to the voting system used for this year, Evan, Joseph and Gilad each have valid claim to the chair position. Additionally, each candidate exhibited a tremendous amount of maturity and each sought the fairest solution, thus suggesting that all three were deserving of the position. That being said, the decision for having three chairs would only apply to the 2019-2020 school year and the voting process must be amended for future elections.

— The Fairness Committee

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