The Boiling Point

UNITED: People of all ages and races converged on the Hall of Justice near City Hall downtown yesterday to protest police brutality against African-Americans. Seniors Maia Lefferman and Avital Jacobson were part of the crowd, which media reports estimated at more than 3,000 people.

George Floyd protests, both peaceful and violent, reach Shalhevet neighborhoods

June 4, 2020

In a weeklong outburst of frustration, protest and fear that reached into the heart of Shalhevet neighborhoods, Americans reacted to the killing o...

Sukkot Lessons from Kohelet

Sukkot Lessons from Kohelet

October 11, 2019

It is custom among Jews of Ashkenazi descent to read Sefer Kohelet, or Ecclesiastes, from the Ketuvim on the Shabbat of Chol Hamoed or Shemini Atzeret....

<strong><span style=PRESENTERS: From left, seniors Evan Rubel, Kiku Shaw, Sam Rubanowitz, and Gilad Spitzer sat onstage in front of over 120 people when they presented their projects from this summer." />

Comp-Sci students present internship projects to realtors

October 6, 2019

At 2:15 p.m. on Sept. 27, when most students were rushing to their next class, four seniors could be seen leaving the parking lot in very formal attire...

INFLUENCE: Art teacher Roen Salem, back at her desk in the 3rd-floor art room this year, has taught at Shalhevet since it first opened in 1992.

Roen is back!

September 15, 2019

To the theme song of the Chicago Bulls, Mrs. Roen Salem walked among the Shalhevet staff to the front of the gym Aug. 28, welcomed by clapping and cheering stude...

New chesed director is also an athlete

New chesed director is also an athlete

September 11, 2019

Running marathons and finding zen in yoga are two hobbies of Mrs. Malkie Hametz, Shalhevet’s newest Tanakh teacher and new director of chesed, or comm...

PROTEST: From left, Shalhevet faculty Rabbi Yitzchak Etshalom, Dr. Jonathan Ravanshenas, Mr. Chris St. Germaine, and Rabbi David Block stood outside a home on Poinsettia Place in Hancock Park to support Lonna Ralbag’s right to a get, or religious Jewish divorce,  Aug. 23. Agunah activist Rabbi Jeremy Stern joined them, at right.

Rabbis, others demonstrate against ‘get refuser’ while he is sitting shiva

August 29, 2019

Soaked from knee to toe, 40 people stood outside a shiva home on Poinsettia Place Aug. 23 to take a stand against get refusal. Inside, a man who has r...

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