10 things you’ll need for the Glouberman tournament

Sadie Toczek, Lifestyle Editor

  1. Shalhevet Swag. It is as simple as just representing. One great way to show who you are supporting is having it written on your sweater, hat, jersey etc.
  2. Simply showing. The games for the most part are at school so there is no valid reason not to show up and support your fellow Firehawks.
  3. Get involved. While showing up is a great first step to add to the excitement of this tournament, go even further. Sign up to be an announcer, clean-up committee and several other jobs that the school needs during this event. (Also, if you were not already fighting over those positions, another incentive is chesed hours!!)
  4. Jewish geography. All the yeshiva league schools are coming and this is a great opportunity to get to know kids from across the country to make connections for seminary/yeshiva or just life-long friends.
  5. Do use deodorant.  Although this seems fairly obvious, many people forget or do not use enough during this event. We are all crammed in a small gym, jumping around and sweating so please just make sure you smell nice as a courtesy to other people.
  6. Shidduch, yes please. Nice. Jewish. Boys. Everywhere.
  7. Leave the competition on the court. Pretty self-explanatory. Part of being a rebellion against low expectations is being a mensch in all arenas.
  8. Signs. In past years, Shalhevet players get signs made for them. Most of the time there are funny, but we are not that picky.
  9. Find your song. If by now you still do not know the lyrics to that song or any other infamously played ones, get on it.
  10. Shalhevet Spirit. This is Shalhevet’s Steve Glouberman Tournament. We have the home court advantage, in addition to all our classmates, so it would be wasteful and silly not to be the loudest in the gym.