KIAN’S CALLS: First Semester Scorecard

By Kian Marghzar, Outside Sports Columnist

So how’d I do?  Here’s a look back at my predictions from the first semester, and how they turned out.

Last issue, I talked about how amazing the running backs are this year in college football and predicted for the first time in a while, the Heisman Trophy would go to a running back.

I was partly right and partly wrong. The Heisman winner was a running back, Derrick Henry of Alabama, who was third on my list, so I guess I should do more research next time.

My frontrunner was running back Leonard Fournette of LSU because of the ridiculous numbers he was putting up at that point in the season. He eventually slowed down after he got trampled by Alabama, putting up a measly 31 rush yards on 19 attempts.

FYI my college football predictions weren’t published because of layout limits in the print paper, but my picks for the college football playoffs were Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, and Baylor, with Alabama defeating Clemson in the National Championship.

We’ll see what happens.