Live-Blog of Superbowl

Live-Blog of Superbowl

Noah Suissa, Staff Writer

7:00 pm: Game over. Seattle wins. Peace out.

6:58 pm: Congratulations to Seattle Coach Pete Carroll, formerly of USC. Once again, great defense beats great offense.

6:54 pm: Funny how the very first play of the game– when Manning fumbled the snap– was an omen for the rest of the game.

6:50 pm: Sad ending for Peyton Manning. He has the greatest season in history, and crashes in the big game.

6:46 pm: Side note: I’ve never worked so hard at a Super Bowl party.

6:42 pm: Sodastream commercial gets in! Instead of saying “Sorry Coke and Pepsi” Scarlett ends with “I just love helping people.”

6:39 pm: Nothing going right for Denver. Seattle takes over on downs.

6:29 pm: Nice commercial by Microsoft. “Technology has the power to unite us”.

6:28 pm: Nifty move by Baldwin. TOUCHDOWN Seattle. Insult added to injury. 43-8.

6:26 pm: Big winners of the night so far. Seattle and Bruno Mars.

6:20 pm: Onside kick fails. Seattle starts drive with great field position.

6:17 pm: Two point conversion good. Seattle up 36-8.

6:16 pm: Finally. Denver gets on the scoreboard. Great catch by WR Thomas.

6:10 pm: Amazing commercial. The maestro himself, Bob Dylan, pitches Americana and a car company, Chrysler.

6:08 pm: The drubbing continues. Seattle TOUCHDOWN. They’re now up 36-0.

6:03 pm: The biggest comeback in Super Bowl history is 10 points. Denver is down 29-0. You do the math.

6:00 pm: Denver Fumble. Seattle recovers.

5:57 pm: Denver gets ball. Seattle doesn’t score. Miracle.

5:49 pm: Denver can’t convert on third down. Settles for punt.

5:38 pm: Seattle leads 29-0. Is this really happening?

5:36 pm: Incredible. Seattle scores again on a kickoff return by Harvin, the fastest man on the field.

5:34 pm: Welcome back people. Will Denver make the greatest comeback in history?

5:04 pm: First half over. Seattle up 22–0. Will this be a blow out? We’ll see in the second half. Until then, let’s enjoy Bruno Mars.

4:58 pm: Denver gambles on fourth down. Seattle takes over with a minute to go before halftime. Ouch.

4: 57 pm: Denver short of first down.

4:54 pm: So far, in the Other Super Bowl, only one funny commercial in my book. By Stephen Colbert, of course. For pistachios.

4:52 pm: First down Denver but it’s a long road back.

4:50 pm: They called it back. First down Denver.

4:48 pm: Hold on, play under review.

4:45 pm: Unbelievable. Another turnover. Seattle gets the ball.

4:45 pm: Seattle up 22-0. Biggest first half deficit for Denver this year.

4:43 pm: Huge Interception. TOUCHDOWN Seattle.

4:40 pm: 10 yard penalty on Denver. First and 20.

4:39 pm: Denver on the Seattle 34. Gets first down.

4:36 pm: Big third down play by Denver. Keeps drive going.

4:35 pm: Another first down for Denver.

4:34 pm: Finally, a Denver first down.

4:30 pm: Crunch time for Broncos. Can’t let game get out of hand, not with this killer Seattle defense.

4:28 pm: Seattle up 15-0.

4:27 pm: TOUCHDOWN Seattle. Lynch runs in.

4:25 pm: Big penalty against Denver. Seattle on 1 yard line.

4:25 pm: Seattle in the red zone.

4:20 pm: End of 1st quarter. Seattle up 8-0. Everything going Seattle way. But let’s not count out a QB who just had  the best season in history. Will Denver make adjustments to crack Seattle defense?

4:19 pm: Is it too early to ask: Are Manning and the Broncos a little nervous? Intimidated by Seattle defense?

4:16 pm: Interception by Seattle. Denver woes continue.

4:15 pm: So far, Denver offense ineffective. Will they break through Seattle defense? Big third down coming up.

4:11 pm: Huge defensive play by Nate Irving to save touchdown. Seattle settles for field goal. Up 8–0.

4:10 pm: Challenge fails. Denver losses timeout.

4:09 pm: Broncos challenge forward pass.

4:05 pm: Huge pass play to Baldwin. Seattle on 5 yard line.

4:03 pm: Another big 3rd down for Seattle. QB Wilson taking what the defense is giving him.

3:55 pm: Seattle defense looking very tough.

3:55 pm: Broncos  sets up their offense on the 35 yard line.

3:51 pm: Field goal good. Seattle up 5-0.

3:50 pm: Ruling on the field stands. Seattle loses challenge and timeout.

3:47 pm: Seattle will challenge a play regarding a first down.

3:43 pm: Seattle marching down field! Percy Harvin– gain of 30 yards. Ball on Denver’s 31.

3:37 pm: Wow– game starts with a Denver blunder. Bad snap. SAFETY. Seattle up 2-0.

3:33 pm: Seattle wins coin toss. Denver will receive.

3:32 pm: The other Super Bowl has started– the commercials. Nothing too hot so far.

3:24 pm: OK, the gladiators are coming on the battlefield. 5 minutes to Showtime.

3:20 pm: Talk about a game changer. If Manning wins today, he’ll be the first QB to win Super Bowl with two different teams. If he loses, he’ll have the record for the QB with the most amount of playoff losses (12).

3:16 pm: One key thing to look for: TURNOVERS. During the regular season, teams with a plus-2 turnover ration– meaning 2 fewer turnovers than their opponents– won 84% of their games. Seattle is known for being extra stingy with turnovers. Will they be as stingy today?

3:03 pm: OK– back to the game. If you go by history, it doesn’t look good for Denver. According to, the eight highest-scoring teams in history all failed to win it all. Will Peyton Manning and the Broncos buck this trend? We’ll see, won’t we?

2:58 pm: Wow– Fox TV decides to interrupt its football coverage with the Declaration of Independence and a tribute to the troops.  Nice touch.

2:54 pm: Fascinating theme for today’s game: The best offense (Broncos) meets the best defense (Seahawks). Who will win? Is offense more important than defense?

2:47 pm: Good news for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Temperature for Super Bowl 48 is… 48 degrees!

2:41 pm: Hello people. Noah Suissa here, ready to do some Super blogging… you all ready? That’s what I thought.

Staff Writer Noah Suissa will be live-blogging the Superbowl today starting at 2:30 pm.