Mr. Mullin rides to raise funds for AIDS

Ari Feuer, Sports Editor

For the third consecutive year, Shalhevet’s Lawrence Mullin, a first-year history teacher, participated in the world’s largest fundraiser to combat HIV/AIDS. More than 2,500 people—including about 1,900 cyclists—trekked  545 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles from June 6-12 on the AIDS/LifeCycle bike ride.

Mr. Mullin himself raised more than $2,500 for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and Los Angles Gay and Lesbian Center, to help those living with the virus and to fund research.  This year’s ride event has already raised upwards of $10 million, and donations are still being accepted at

“In some ways, it’s the most powerful lesson I could even teach,” said Mr. Mullin, still sunburned from the weeklong bike ride, during an interview June 10.  “It’s good to lecture about making the world a better place, but actually doing something — it’s putting money where your mouth is.”

From the 108-mile ride on Day two to the 67-mile “quadbuster” ride, so nicknamed for its steep mile-long climb, riders continually find challenges and rewards along the California coast, Mr. Mullin said.

“It’s a blast, I get to see California the way you’ve never seen it before,” he said. 

Riders experience all the state has to offer, from breathtaking coastline views on Highway 1 to the long, flat fields of Central California. He also enjoys the effort’s “sense of community and comraderie.”

“Being with 3,000 people for a solid week, all riding for the same cause, is an amazing experience,” Mr. Mullin said. “Everybody helps everyone, no questions asked and without hesitation.”

Back at home, Mr. Mullin walked stiffly for a day or two. His feat was met with admiration by his students.

“I just thought it was such an interesting experience,” said junior Keren Meir. “I’ve never met anyone who did something like that, so it just really caught my attention. I’m even thinking of doing the ride myself next year for my senior project.”