Attacks in Israel this week

Nate Erez, Torah Editor

By Nate Erez, Torah Editor


In a story that was still developing this week, attacks on Israel spread from Eilat to more northern cities provoking military retaliations. Here’s what has happened so far. Source: and


Aug. 18

Gazans cross into Israel from Egypt killing eight and wounding 30 in Eilat.

Israel then retaliates with a bombing raid on Gaza; six palestinians killed, several of a militant group,

Three Egyptians “officers” are killed, but it is unclear whether they were among the Palestinian toll or were additional casualties.


Aug 19

Militants launch 10 more rockets from Gaza into Israel. No injuries of fatalities reported.


Aug 20

Egypt announces it will recall its ambassador from Tel Aviv.

The Popular Resistance Committees militant group fires rockets into Israel, killing one civilian and wounding another six. Israel retaliates, striking a squad firing mortars from Northern Gaza.



Aug 21

Israeli military delegation is reported to visit Egypt in effort to ease tensions.

A few rockets are fired into Southern Israel from Gaza after efforts to restore cease fire.


Aug 22

Egypt takes back threat to recall its ambassador.