OPINION: Our Series ends, but not our commitment

BP Editorial Board


The Shalhevet student body has had a tumultuous relationship with alcohol. Both teenagers and adults in our community often drink because it’s social norm or family custom or because of peer pressure. Whatever the reason for drinking, Shalhevet staff has tried to bring awareness to the dangers of binge drinking, recognizing the reality that every person has control over his or her own actions.

In May of 2016, the Editorial Board of the Boiling Point pledged that for the next year, every issue of The Boiling Point would address drinking in some way, “recognizing that journalism has a unique capacity for advocacy, especially in a high school setting where we are true peers.”   That coverage became a series called Alcohol Roulette.

We started by describing teen party culture and offering alternatives to partying such as bowling, mini-golf, and even just watching a movie with friends on Netflix.  

The then-Editorial Board pledged to not binge drink and challenged other students to do the same.

In later issues, we analyzed the popular Jewish tradition of Kiddush clubs; shared the aftermath of a car accident involving an intoxicated driver through the eyes of a columnist who witnessed it; and watched school administration start enforcing a policy to prevent drinking at parties off campus. Two Boiling Points of View wondered whether it would work.

We concluded with a look at alcohol’s physiological and psychological effects according to more recent studies.  Overall, it seemed that even a little alcohol could have detrimental effects on our development and well being.

Our series of “Alcohol Roulette” is ending now, but the problem remains. This year’s Editorial Board starts the 2017-18 school year by reaffirming our stand against binge drinking. We want all of our peers to live safe and healthy lives, and as a newspaper it is our duty to remain an evolving and relevant force.

We hope that this topic will continue to be on the minds of our community members and — so you know — we ourselves once again pledge to abstain from binge drinking.