More blame, and rockets, for the oldest child

The BP Editorial Board

Israel is like the oldest child. No matter what she does, the blame is always put on her. And when rockets are being shed onto Israel from Gaza, the world critiques Israel harshly when she defends herself and sends rockets back.

Furthermore, the one neighbor that Israel has been on friendly terms with the longest almost recalled its ambassador. Because of a wave of violence in Eilat that emanated from across the Egyptian border, three Egyptian soldiers were killed. Egyptian citizens gathered to demonstrate against the Israeli government. The Egyptian government felt it had to respond.

Israel doesn’t have many options. But Israel needs to understand that no one ever forgives the oldest sibling. They are always at fault.  And the world’s attitude isn’t going to change overnight; Israel needs to be strong and continue defending itself against these rockets, despite the harsh critique that will inevitably follow.

Israel also needs to be cautious when it comes to dealing with Egypt. And not only that, Israel should be wary of the ongoing demonstrations in the Arab world, because these demonstrations will help gain support for a Palestinian state in September.

Israel’s predicament is tough and there’s no easy way out.  But the oldest child knows their life is unfair, and also knows not to give up. When whatever you do brings a result that doesn’t make sense, you learn to follow an internal compass. What matters in the end is that Israel you knows herself that what she is doing is right.