The new schedule: Keeping us focused

Justin Brandt-Sarif, 11th Grade

Every student who has ever attended a Town Hall knows that when the bell rings and the topic ends, a rift in the day is formed. We lose focus and productivity. We go back to class and find ourselves less able to focus than we were before.

As a junior I am fearful, as are many other students, that the rate at which we must learn in order to score as high a score as possible on our AP exams makes this kind of interruption very dangerous to us.  Therefore I applaud the new schedule, specifically the move of Town Hall to Fridays. The proposition to make Town Hall occur on Friday is one that is strategic and rather smart.

Momentum is the one force that keeps us focused during our long school days.  In the new academic year we will no longer have the cut in momentum from Town Hall mid-week to distract us from our studies.

Last year’s schedule put Town Hall in a place where we were directly interrupted by it on Thursdays, and put Advisory on Tuesdays and Fridays, for two more interruptions. The new schedule kills two birds with one stone—making advisories exclusively on Fridays as opposed to a check-in advisory that took away part of breakfast on Tuesday mornings and another 45-minute period at the end of the week.

When looking at the new schedule, we see that Monday through Thursday, there are no breaks in momentum at all.  This makes Friday the ideal day to have a fulfilling Town Hall conversation without interrupting courses. Also, in the new schedule we have a buffer zone between Town Hall and our last class — a 20-minute snack break, during which we can continue discussion with our peers about the recent topic before going on to our last class of the day, Period C.

Furthermore, the fact that the Town Hall session itself is on Friday instead of any other day of the academic week allows a consistent schedule that permits each student clear knowledge of the classes for each day.

The student body gains numerous advantages from the edited schedule and Town Hall’s move from Thursday to Friday. It allows concentration and continuous focus, a convenient snack between Town Hall and Period C, and most of all a comfortable ending to a tough school week. As far as this schedule goes, it supplies me overall more class time and makes me more confident, as a junior, that I will be more successful in the bigger picture.