Stuart Rogoff, new Director of Development has varied background

Emilie Benyowitz BP Staff

By Sarah Soroudi, Staff Writer

From fundraising at City of Hope hospital, to becoming the director of development at a Solomon Schechter Day School, to being vice president of development for the National Neurofibromatosis Foundation, Stuart Rogoff has had plenty of experience with fundraising, and that’s what Shalhevet’s new Director of Development plans to do here.

Hoping to raise money to strengthen the school’s program for both current and future students, Mr. Rogoff, who arrived Nov. 1, replaces Lindi Berman.  His office is where Yossie Kastan’s used to be, and he is often seen in the hallways.

“This is a school that is young and still growing,” said Mr. Rogoff, who is originally from Detroit, Michigan.   “So I will work closely with the board of directors and the staff to help the school grow.”

Mr. Rogoff’s primary intention for now is having conversations with faculty, parents and teachers about exploring what the school needs academically and physically. He is also finding ways to connect Shalhevet to the greater Los Angeles community and Jewish community in school functions, to get a better sense of what role the various communities play in students’ lives.

“There’s a good appreciation and understanding of what the school means to our community, and it helps me to also develop different ways of engaging our donors and supporters,” he said.

From his three months here so far, he said he has noticed the students’ excitement.

“There is a great energy,” Mr. Rogoff said. “I love the sounds of the students in the hall, the enthusiasm. The students make the school come alive.”

Mr. Rogoff moved to California in 1993, and journalism and music have been a big part of his life. After starting out as a reporter, he worked his way up to sports editor and then editor-in-chief of his school newspaper He’s played the piano since age four and even owned a music company that he ended up selling.

In his free time, he takes pleasure in going to the beach, playing the piano, traveling, and catching up with friends and family.

“To me, life is a journey with opportunities, blessings, adventures, and discoveries along the way,” Mr. Rogoff said.  Friends are what make the journey exciting, surprising, and joyful.”