Final freshman election results

Emilie Benyowitz BP Staff

Zev Hurwitz, Editor in Chief

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Freshman Hannah-Leeba Ellenhorn, who was elected to both the Agenda and Fairness committees last week, said Tuesday that she would choose Agenda, resolving a question that had held freshman representation on both committees in limbo while she was out of town.

Hannah-Leeba ran for both committees in last Thursday’s election, and after winning both, was told by the Agenda committee that she had to choose between the two committees.

“Traditionally, students do not hold multiple offices,” said Agenda adviser Dr. Jill Beerman who oversaw last week’s elections. “It’s a minhag.”

The Shalhevet constitution does not prohibit students holding multiple offices. But it also does not delve much into election protocol or qualifications.

Once Hannah-Leeba chose Agenda, the rest of the grade’s representation could be determined. Robin Ashkenazi, who had come in third, took the second slot on Fairness, joining Yael Gichtin. Tamar Willis is the grade’s other Agenda representative.

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