Podcast: Season 3, Episode 1: The future of the Just Community: Sitting down with Rami Melmed

By Jonah Delson and Benjy Kolieb

Season 3 Episode 1 features an interview with recently elected Agenda Chair, Junior, Rami Melmed. Rami shares his narrative of starting Shalhevet and not really knowing what Town Hall was, then running for positions on the Agenda committee and losing and then ultimately becoming Agenda Chair and growing a deep appreciation and passion for Town Hall.

Throughout the interview, Rami shares his ideas and concerns for Town Hall, discusses issues such as Fairness and the Just Community and speaks on starting the school band, The Riff.


  1. Introducing the new season of the Talking Point and Rami Melmed as Agenda Chair | Jonah Delson, Host
  2. What was going through Rami’s mind when he found out he’d been elected and why he has a passion for Town Hall | Jonah Delson, Host
  3. Just Community and Fairness | Jonah Delson, Host
  4. Rami’s ideas and opinions regarding Town Hall | Jonah Delson, Host
  5. The Riff (the band) | Jonah Delson, Host
  6. What Rami is excited about relating to Town Hall | Jonah Delson, Host
  7. Role of Agenda Vice Chair Mateo Robinson and Agenda Secretary Ari Elad | Jonah Delson, Host

Our team:

Jonah Delson, Host

Benjy Kolieb, Executive Producer, Boiling Point Web Editor