Humans of Shalhevet – Aaron Schlacht


BP Photo by Neima Fax

TRANSFER: Freshman Aaron Schlacht starts his animations by drawing characters on a piece of paper and then transferring the image to his computer. His computer allows him to edit the characters that he draws.

By Anya Mendelson, 9th grade

Drawing has always been a hobby of mine, and now that hobby has developed into the realization that I may want to become an animator. The difference between drawing and animation is that the process of animation ends when the pictures are, or appear to be moving. It’s usually done on a computer. I have a story in my mind — it’s about teenagers — that I have begun to animate. I started by sketching the character on a piece of paper and then transferring it to my computer. The computer adds textures and effects to my story, but my Mac does not let the characters move around. A goal that I hope to reach in the future is to buy a computer that can run Source Filmmaker, an application that my Mac cannot support. When I get this program, I will be able to bring my stories to life. — Aaron Schlacht, 9th grade