Quiz Yourself: Are you a good friend?

Hannah-Leeba Ellenhorn, Lifestyles Editor

During this time of the year, everyone is stressed out due to the overwhelming amount of work. AP tests, finals, SATs and well, more work are all so time-consuming. But just because you are smothered with work in school doesn’t mean that you need to ditch your buds.

Has your stress level taken a toll on your friendships? You may not even know!   Take this quiz to find out.


You’re cramming for a test in the hallway during breakfast and your friend sees you studying and comes to sit and chat. You really need to memorize those notes so you…

a.Completely ignore your friend, because he or she should notice that you are studying.

b. Ask your friend to test you on your work.

c. Put your notes to rest and chat with your friend. It’s a lot more interesting than what you are supposed to be studying.


You’re in the middle of telling a funny yet somewhat complicated story to a group of friends when another one of your friends tunes in mid-story. You’re friend wants you to repeat your story, so you…

a. Continue on with your story and let your friend know that you are not repeating you story. If they wanted to hear the whole story they would have tuned in earlier.

b. Give your friend a signal that lets them know that you will tell them the story afterwards.

c. Pause and retell the whole entire story to your friend even though everyone else has already heard it.


You’re in the middle of your homework and you get a phone call from your friend who doesn’t go to school with you.

a. You let the phone call go to voicemail. Your friend will call back later if it’s something important.

b. Answer the phone and let your friend know that you have homework and that you will call back as soon as you are done. The conversation ends there.

c. Oh my gosh! You cannot miss out on this potentially life-changing phone call. It’s only 9 p.m. and there is more than enough time to do your homework later.


It’s your friend’s birthday this weekend and you have a huge history test on Monday. Your friend has planned a birthday outing all day on Sunday.


a. You call your friend and explain that this test could possibly change your entire grade in the class. There is no way you are going to let an outing get in the way of your grades.

b. You’re not going to miss out on this event but you also need to do well on this test. You let your friend know that you will be coming but you’ll have to leave a little early.

c. Your friend only has a birthday once a year and you’re not going to let a silly History test get in the way. You’re not only going to spend the day with your best bud, but you plan a whole weekend sleepover together.


It’s the last day of school and you want to spend the first day of summer at the beach. However, your friend wants to spend the first day of summer at Six Flags.

a. You tell your friend that it’s the beach or bust. It’s your summer and you’re not going to let anyone boss you around.

b. You explain to your friend that you will be spending the first two days back-to-back with each other and that you can go to the beach on the day with better weather.

c. You’re spending the day with your friend regardless. Why not just spend it at a place that they are looking forward to? It’s no big deal.


If you answered mostly  as…

You might need to work on your friendship skills. It looks like you don’t want to sacrifice anything for your friends and that isn’t something to be proud of. Take a break from studying and hang out with those friends of yours!


If you answered mostly  bs…

You are the perfect friend! You manage to set up enough time in your busy life for both friends and work.  You are able to compromise and that is a key skill in any friendship.


If you answered mostly  cs…

You are too good of a friend. Wait, what? You should know that there is a fine line between being a very good friend and a pushover. Try standing up to your friend. Let him or her know that you have a life of your own and sometimes you wont be able to hang out because of your own schedule.