Quiz Yourself: Are you a super studier or a total study copout?

Hannah-Leeba Ellenhorn, Features Editor

You’re working on your English essay when all of a sudden you remember that there is a box of Zours in your kitchen practically waiting for you. You are half way through the essay so you…


Continue writing that essay.  The Zours will be reward for your hard work.


Take a quick break and grab those Zours and resume working, because no one should have to  concentrate on an empty stomach.


Walk over to the kitchen and decide that a salad would be a better choice than those unhealthy Zours. It’s not as if finishing that essay is more important  than complying with Mrs. Obama’s healthy lifestyle tips.


Situation #2

You’re video-chatting with your besties to study for that big history test when one of your friends brings up the new dress code policy and you can’t help but…


Tell your friend to “shush.”  Sure you’d love to complain about the length of your skirt or your elusive kippah, but you know history is not your strong suit and you need to concentrate.


Give yourself 5 to enjoy a gab-fest. You can’t hold it in and need to take a break from your work. But when your five minutes are up — it’s study time again!


HELLO?! Clearly your friend is genuinely concerned about the policy and you can’t just ignore it.  When all is said and done what kind of person cares more about grades than friends?


Situation #3

Your math Grade isn’t something to be proud of and your teacher offers to help you during lunch.  You…


Immediately accept her offer amd show up to the lunch dates with homemade sandwiches


Dedicate 20 minutes of your lunchtime to meeting with the teacher. You don’t want to spend too much time studying during your free time.


Ditch your teacher! It’s lunchtime, a.k.a. your only free time during the day. You can study later on and hopefully understand the material.


Situation #4

Your volleyball team has a huge game coming up against its crosstown rival. As luck would have it you are going to have to skip science class because of practices.




You talk to the coach and explain that you simply cannot miss Science. Undertsandingly, your coach tells you that you will have to sit out on this game.


You manage to work out a deal so that you will only have to miss half of the class but still are missing vital information


Practice… During class? You can count yourself in! There is no way you are going to pass on the chance to miss class for the sake of sports.



Situation #5

You have just returned from a school trip and you are so jetlagged. You are given the option of not going to school the next day so that you can readjust.


You simply cannot miss another day of school. Although you will be extremely tired, you have to make it to your first-period class.


You call your best note-taker friend and say to take really good notes for you. You can trust them to get the most important details so that you can relax. You will never recuperate if you don’t rest.


You blow off school so that you can catch up on Modern Family. What will you talk about when you get back to school otherwise?


If you answered mostly A’s…

You’ve scored an A+ on keeping your mind on track and most likely an A+ in your classes. You manage to “keep your eyes on the prize” and not let anything distract you. But take a break once in a while! You don’t want to be a workaholic. Studies have shown that the more breaks people take while studying, the more knowledge they retain. Done with your math homework? Take five minutes to just sit back and chill.


If you answered mostly B’s…

You manage to maintain the perfect balance between self-control and self indulgence. Keeping a balance between free time and study time is not the easiest thing to do though, so keep yourself on a constant timer. Keep those breaks at five minutes and then go right back into study time!


If you answered mostly C’s…

Your procrastinating days must end. Chances are if you’re leaving things to the last minute, you’re probably not doing as well as you’d like. Sure it’s nice to take a break once in a while, but get back to your work! A great way to get yourself back on track is to make a schedule. Give yourself a five- to 10-minute break in between every subject’s homework to grab a snack. But remember to stay on task and don’t get distracted!