Four rules to manicure by

Emilie Benyowitz BP Staff

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Remain dedicated to looking refined and elegant. Elegance is achieved when equal parts effort and nonchalance are exerted during “The Process.”

1. If you are doing a mani and pedi, never ever choose different colors that will compete with each other for attention.   For example, never choose a shade of fuchsia for your fingernails and coral for your toes.  Your toenails and fingernails should always either be identical or complementary.

2. Never ever follow those who say only certain shades complement certain skin tones. No. Frankly, the only rule to follow when choosing nail polish shade is to choose a shade you love — unless it’s flecked with glitter!

3. Too-long nails are not chic and are evocative of a woman who has everything done for her.  There is nothing elegant about a prima donna.

4. Chipped nails are hideous to flaunt at innocent bystanders, so just go sans lacquer.


If you are a guy and have either decided to or been forced to get a manicure, by no means should any toluene-infused product — nail polish, that is — be brushed on your nail beds, not even clear.  Remember gentlemen, nothing says masculine like unbuffed and unpolished nail beds. Your daily shower is the only TLC men’s fingernails need.

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