Full text of Daniel Lorell’s campaign post on Schoology

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Then-candidate Daniel Lorell made this post on Schoology’s Just Community May 4 after the debate at Town Hall. 

So, what do I mean when I say, “radical changes to Town Hall”? 

simply put, that means the following:

  • Moral dilemmas would no longer be the primary function of Town Hall, if anything they would be secondary or tertiary, out of the norm. 
  • Instead, Town Hall would act as a functioning branch of the government of Shalhevet, of equal importance as the Fairness Committee, Agenda Committee, or SAC. Town Hall would serve as the Congress of the Just Community.
  • Proposals brought forward to the Agenda Committee would be heard, controversial rules or policies of the school analyzed, discussing the merits of certain practices, decide who we are as a school.
  • New position of fact-checker, a student that will verify claims made by students during Town Hall in real time.
  • Opportunity for many more new positions that have yet to be conceived of

My beliefs for why these changes should be made:

  • The best way to combat apathy is to talk about something we care about, and I’m assuming that we all care about how we are treated / how we run the school. We have control over our fates here.
  • As far as I’m concerned, Town Hall is the perfect platform to build a living government, not one that exists on an as-needed basis. A weekly meeting of ideas and proposals of action to our immediate lives is far more valuable than contemplating hypotheticals, and a far more fitting fixture of what we call our Just Community. 
  • I truly think it would be fun, and that is important too.