WHAT’S NEW? Top 10 New Things for 2012-2013

Goldie Fields, BP Staff

Colleen Bazak, Co-Editor-In-Chief

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1   Longer classes and (mostly) shorter days: The new bell schedule is arranged in blocks, allowing for six hour-long classes instead of eight shorter ones. School will end at 4:20 on Monday through Thursday and at 2:00 on Fridays. Last year, dismissal times were 4:45 and 1:50.  Read more on Pages 1, 2 and 11.

2   Limits on absences and three trips per year:  For the first time, students will be limited to three co-curricular overnight trips per year, and more than 10 total absences in a semester – excused or not – will result in no credit for the course.

3   Duck and Cover: Students should expect Shalhevet’s first-ever earthquake and lockdown drills to start in the next few weeks. Read more about the planned drills starting on Page 1.

New caterer and Nagila on Fridays: Four days a week, Chinese chicken and other foreign foods will be on the menu from the latest caterer, Rivka Noury, known from Maimonides and Yavneh. Nagila Pizza will cater on Fridays.   Meanwhile, with a widened doorway, students no longer have to shove their way into the cafeteria’s breakfast and lunch lines, and the eating room across the hall has been decorated with trees hand-painted by Roen.  Read more about Rivka Noury on Page 4.

5   New Judaic Studies principal: After having a major role in the Judaic Studies curriculum since arriving here as  a YU fellow in 2009, Mr. Noam Weissman is now Director of Judaic Studies, the third in four years.  He has been an inspiring teacher of Gemara and for many students has deepened their understanding of Judaism overall.

6    New teachers: Dr. Ron Sorace, Mr. William Reusch, and Rabbi David Stein join the Shalhevet faculty, and there are changes in administration as well. Stories, Read more on Pages 4 and 5.

7   Year of the iPad: You won’t get to use them, but all the teachers have been given iPads by the school and will use them to take attendance and work on grades.  The old desktop computers are gone, and most rooms now have projectors that connect with the iPads for viewing websites as well as lessons created by apps.

Freshman boys:  Shalhevet has always had boys in the freshman class, but this is the first year anyone can remember when the boys outnumber the girls. According to Admissions Director Natalie Weiss, the Class of 2016 is made up of 23 boys and 18 girls from XX feeder schools, including Hillel, Maimonedes, Pressman, Sinai and Millikan Middle School  of Sherman Oaks.

9   Karate:  For students not interested in team sports, karate lessons will be available thanks to a partnership with sophomore Adam Rokah’s father, Avi Rokah, a world champion in the sport.

10   Redone bathrooms: Newly renovated Shalhevet bathrooms have been equipped with new stalls, tiles, and faux granite countertops.