New Caterer Plans Food by Themes

Colleen Bazak, Co-Editor-In-Chief

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Previously lunch caterer to both Yavneh and Maimonides academies, Mrs. Rivka Noury will bring the smell of burgers, mac-and-cheese, and international cuisine to the Shalhevet kitchen this year.

Mrs. Noury’s company, Nutrition Wise, said she would be serving meat meals on Monday, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Wednesdays and Fridays will be dairy lunches.  She is calling her newest venture “LUNCHTIME,” and is also leasing the Shalhevet kitchen.

“Each day of the week is going to be a different theme,” Mrs. Noury said. “We want the food to be very versatile because we want the students to be happy. They need to be able to last through the day.”

Mrs. Noury said that she thinks Mondays would be American food, Tuesdays Mexican, Wednesdays Italian, and Thursdays Chinese. But the food will not be the same each week, since she strives for a versatile menu.

On Fridays lunch will be from Nagila Pizza.

If students prepay, the lunch is $6 per day. If they purchase it that day, it will be $7. Pizza days are going to be $8.

Shalhevet students who attended Maimonides and Yavneh gave Mrs. Noury good reviews.

“I was only on hot lunch for one year, but the food was really good,” senior Leah Glouberman said of Mrs. Noury’s lunch at Yavneh. “She made killer grilled cheese.”

Freshman Jacob Dauer enjoyed her food at Maimonides.

“I liked the variety of food and usually it was really good,” Jacob said.

Besides the main lunch, Mrs. Noury said there will always be other options.

“We will have premade salads for students,” said Mrs. Noury. “It will be packed with vegetables and protein because it needs to be a balanced meal. Other options would be yogurt with granola or soup and a sandwich.”

Mrs. Noury said she won’t be selling snacks because she doesn’t want to compete with the Student Store and vending machine, both of which donate their profits to school causes such as the senior Poland-Israel trip. She said all the food would be cooked in the Shalhevet kitchen, and she hopes the students will be full and satisfied.

“We want the students to be happy and well fed,” Ms. Noury said.

“We try to provide a main entrée and vegetables and fruits. So when a student says they want a little of everything it makes us happy, because they are eating a fully balanced meal.”