How to make the most of the new schedule

Colleen Bazak, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Hey, we’re as new to this as you are, but we’ve been looking at it longer, at least on paper.  Here are four tips for getting through the chaotic first weeks.

Beware of fifth:  Period 5 is different every single day for two weeks.Keep this in mind check your schedule before the end of lunch.

Use the patterns: Remember the patterns in the new schedule in order to help remember your classes. Periods one, two, three, and four follow the same pattern throughout the two weeks.

Color it in! Choose a color for each class you are taking and then lightly shade each box on your schedule. The five minutes it takes will save you from confusion — it will be easy to remember that bright red signals math class.

Plan your SWAP: SWAP will only come around once every two weeks, and it might creep up on you. Keep this in mind, and you won’t regret not setting up that meeting with your English teacher.