Schwartz leading for Agenda Chair, runoff tomorrow.

BP Photo by Ariela Feitelberg

The following e-mail was sent by Mr. Chris Buckley to the Boiling Point at 9:46 pm May 29.

Dear candidates,

Here is an update on the voting thus far. I have counted all the paper ballots and this count has been verified by an independent recount. Several members of the community have also voted absentee through an online ballot I created. The online voting has been left open until 2 am our time (12 noon tomorrow Jerusalem time) to give the Seniors in Israel ample opportunity to vote. There have many complications with the voting for the Seniors because of some misunderstanding and intermittent access to WiFi, and I wanted to make sure their voices were heard. Also, thanks to Mr. Danovitch and the Shalhevet Boiling Point, Seniors are now able to watch videos of campaign speeches and part of last week’s debate on the Boiling Point website.

Summary of results thus far:

Agenga Chair:

Daniel Schwartz is projected to finish 1st, but he is shy of the clear majority necessary to be declared the outright winner.
The race for 2nd is too close to call.
There will be a run-off tomorrow at lunch, and Daniel Schwartz’s opponent will be declared sometime between 2 am and 3 am tonight.

Agenda Vice-chair:

Hannah-Leeba Ellenhorn has a commanding lead in 1st place, but she is only slightly above the 50% mark needed to win the election outright.
The race for 2nd is also too close to call.
If a run-off is necessary, this determination will be made between 2 am and 3 am tonight.

Agenda Secretary:

Sigal Spitzer has a fairly significant lead, but there is still a mathematical possibility that Adam Rokah could win.
Results will be made official between 2 am and 3 am tonight.

Fairness Co-chairs:

This race is too close to call at this point.
Results will be made official between 2 am and 3 am tonight.

SAC Vice-chair:

Justin Nemanpour is the outright winner. Congratulations.

Chris Buckley
Shalhevet High School