Several dozen students leave school early due to Obama traffic disruption

Ariela Feitelberg

By Staff Report

More than two dozen students left school early last Monday after Los Angeles Police recommended drivers stay off area streets in anticipation of President Obama’s visit to West Hollywood on a fundraising trip.

The president’s exact route was not disclosed in advance, but he was visiting restaurants in the vicinity of La Cienega and Melrose Ave., less than a mile from school and directly in between school and North Beverly Hills, where many students live.

By noon on Monday, traffic detour signs were piled in the San Vicente median between school and Starbucks, but the motorcade did not come up Fairfax during school hours.

The previous night, Sept. 25, Judaic Studies Principal Rabbi Ari Leubitz had said students who lived in the North Beverly Hills could leave after 1:30, to meet city traffic recommendations that they be off the streets by 2 p.m.

“Families living in North Beverly Hills may find it particularly arduous returning home tomorrow evening,” Rabbi Leubitz wrote.  “Those who are concerned about getting home in a timely fashion may contact the front desk, and we will excuse your students after 1:30pm.”

Attendance was light in afternoon classes and sign-out sheets at Muriel Ohana’s desk listed “Obama” and “Obama traffic” as reasons for leaving.