Mollie Aczel will help transition school

By Zev Hurwitz, Editor-in-Chief

In case you’ve been wondering who the dignified woman with the southern accent is occupying Nat Reynolds’ office, she is Mollie Aczel, who has been working since March 10 as an administrative consultant helping plan next year and acting as a liaison with incoming head of school Rabbi Ari Segal.

Mrs. Aczel has worked nationwide as an as-needed consultant, most recently at the K-12 day school of Temple Beth Am in Miami. “I’ve had situations before where I’ve come in to substitute for a head-of-school has been ill,” she said, noting that Mr. Reynolds is at home recovering from injuries sustained in a car accident. “I’m really here to get to know

the community and keep it running strong.” Originally from Houston, where she still lives, Mrs. Aczel worked with Rabbi Segal at his current school, Beren Academy in Houston. She attended the University of Houston and Columbia University as well as Kean College in New Jersey, earning degrees in education and special education. Last year, Mrs. Aczel taught English to Ethiopian immigrants at a Bnei Akiva School in Israel. “That was one of the best teaching experiences of my life,” Mrs. Aczel said. In her weeks so far at Shalhevet, Mrs. Aczel

has spent over many hours in meetings and looked into next year’s schedule, among other topics. She said she would devote a lot of energy to the educational aspect of the school.

“Instruction is at the core of any school and it is important that it remains the top priority — we need to keep focusing on the students’ learning,” Mrs. Aczel said. ”I’m here to be Rabbi Segal’s eyes and ears as well as to learn about the school,” she said. “Shalhevet is a great school with an excellent reputation.”