Director of curriculum leaves after one semester

Nate Erez, Community Editor

After one-and-a-half years at Shalhevet, Dr. Debora Parks, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, has not returned for the second semester.

Always keeping cookies in her office for hungry students, Dr. Parks is remembered as kind and warm. She was General Studies Principal of the lower schools last year, but her position was shifted after their unexpected closure.

This year, Dr. Parks visited every classroom, observing the vast differences in teaching methods and helping teachers enhance their methods and curriculum. She also advised the Photography Club and was a senior advisor.

“I was not happy with the decision to let her go,” said high school General Studies Principal Mr. Tranchi last week. “She was a peer, someone to turn to, and I esteem and admire her as an educator and school leader.”

Dr. Parks spent much of last year with the eighth grade, helping them raise funds for their trip to Washington, which she attended.

“If it wasn’t for her,” said current freshman Melissa Ohana, “we wouldn’t have had a senior trip.”

“I really had a fun time on the eighth grade trip, and it gave me a lot too,” said Dr. Parks in an interview at the end of last semester. “I built a relationship with the class and enjoyed watching them grow into high school students.”

Though not many high school students had time to get to know her well, those who did said they would miss her.

“She was an amazing person,” said freshman Aviva Prins, who was part of last year’s eighth grade. “It was truly evident she really cared about us.”

Sophomore Yael Weiner concurred.

“It’s sad,” said Yael. “Her job was very important, something Shalhevet really needed and will surely miss.”

Dr. Parks said she had enjoyed her semester at the high school.

“I think getting to know the students and observing the teachers and their methods has truly been incredible,” said Dr. Parks.