Mrs. Malikov to move to Shalhevet full time

By Zev Hurwitz, Editor-in-Chief

According to numerous sources, Mrs. Ekatrina Malikov, currently a part-time Pre-Calculus honors teacher at Shalhevet, will leave her post at Maimonides Academy and teach full time at Shalhevet beginning next fall.

While not yet announced at Shalhevet, the news was spread last Friday by Maimonides students who had found out through Mrs. Malikov directly. Many Maimonides students were disheartened by Mrs. Malikov’s planned departure, as her more than eight years in her post made her into an icon at the middle school in West Hollywood.

“It was a pleasure to know her and to know that someone so smart is always by us to help us out,” said Maimonedes seventh-grader Ofir Shasha.  “She has great attitude and she always smiles.”