Buckley’s amendment to amend is ratified


LANDSLIDE: Mr. Buckley’s proposal to amend the Shalhevet Constitution passed with 95.5 percent of the vote. It’s the first amendment ever passed.

By Zev Hurwitz, Editor-in-Chief

Science and math teacher Mr. Chris Buckley’s proposed amendment to the Shalhevet constitution passed Wednesday with nearly 96 percent of the vote of students, faculty and staff.  The amendment, which lowers the vote percentage required to ratify new constitutional amendments from three-quarters to two-thirds, ironically needed the three-quarters to pass.

“I’m elated,” said Mr. Buckley. “Shalhevet’s constitution clearly outlines a separation of powers similar to the United States’ constitution. Our new amendment brings our constitution closer to that.”

The measure will also require that three out of the four grades each pass amendments by majority vote.  Mr. Buckley introduced it in Town Hall Oct. 15 in response to a barrage of amendment proposals regarding the Fairness committee.

It was the first amendment proposed since then-sophomore Jeremy Lowe tried to make it possible for juniors, and not just seniors, to run for committee chair in 2008. That amendment fell only two or three votes short of ratification, though it received  71 percent of the vote.

“This was an important step, particularly since Jeremy’s amendment had 71 percent and failed,” said Mr. Buckley. “I knew something was wrong with the constitution ‘s  structure and had to be fixed.”