Schwartz schedule proposal is favorite in advisory vote–administration to review

Ashley Mashian, BP Staff

Jaclyn Kellner, Deputy Editor

In a vote which may or may not influence the administration’s decision, sophomore Daniel Schwartz’s proposed new bell schedule with earlier dismissal times won by a landslide of both students and faculty in last Thursday’s schoolwide election.

People could vote yes on all four measures. The Schwartz proposal, called “A” on the ballots, won 123 yes votes from students and 19 from staff.  Agenda Chair Toby Bern’s proposal, “B,”  came in second among students, with 29 yes votes, while the current schedule of nine periods per day and three on Fridays was second among the faculty with 12 votes and third among the students.

In Town Hall October 8, Daniel Schwartz suggested the time slot between 4:30 and 5:00 could be used by AP classes to make up some time lost during the week. Under his proposal, classes would lose about 17 minutes per week as a result of the loss of the rotating Friday period.

Music teacher Mrs. Keene then suggested that if APs met from 4:30 to 5, extra-curriculars should retain their 5 o’clock start times so AP students could finish their after-school sessions.  However, nothing about APs or extra-curriculars was officially included in the proposal voted on.

Under Mr. Tranchi’s proposal, “C,” the schedule would be similar to last year’s but with the extra 9 minutes from last year’s revolving extended AP period being distributed among the other classes. The only discrepancies between C and B are B’s slightly longer lunches and minimally different davening times.

Three alternative schedules had been discussed in Town Hall  Oct. 8 and then posted in hallways throughout the school and on Edline during the following week.

Editor in Chief Zev Hurwitz contributed to this report.