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RESTAURANT REVIEW: Sand-Which Bar shows good food is good business on Pico

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Sand-Which Bar shows good food is good business on Pico

June 3, 2013

As I learned a few weeks ago in U.S. History class, America’s economy thrives on competition.  You might have thought there were enough kosher restaurants...

Chapa Grill brings Israeli flavor to Wilshire

Alexa Fishman, Staff Writer

March 30, 2012

You might wonder: does Los Angeles really need another kosher Israeli-style restaurant? On Pico Boulevard alone, there must be 10. But if we’re talking about Chapa Grill, the answer is definitely yes. Chapa Grill is actually not on Pico Boulevard. It’s located right in the middle of the business district at the corner of Wilshire and Crescent Heights, and is actually...

Visual decadence, and lots of cheese…

Jacob Ellenhorn, Arts Editor

March 11, 2011

When you see “26,”  a new dairy restaurant on Pico’s kosher restaurant row, you immediately understand that owner Geoffrey Ghanem  places considerable value on the visual aspects of his restaurants. A veteran restaurateur, Ghanem also owns the acclaimed Shiloh’s steakhouse. At “26,” the building design, the interior of the restaurant space, and even the restaurant...

Restaurant review: Shanghai Diamond says Merry Chinese!

Nathaniel Kukurudz, Managing Editor

December 31, 2010

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan mentioned in her confirmation hearings last summer that as an American Jew, she generally spent Christmas eating Chinese food ( In her honor, this week seems like the perfect occasion to review the best Chinese restaurant on Pico Boulevard. Shanghai Diamond Garden has rightly made a name for itself in the past...

Bodhi on Pico: Say hi to Thai

Nathaniel Kukurudz, Managing Editor

November 1, 2010

No one will argue that it’s easy to limit oneself to only kosher restaurants, especially since it seems that 95 percent of them in Los Angeles lie between a certain Mobil gas station and a mortuary on Pico Boulevard. So you can imagine my joy when something totally unique opens. Bodhi restaurant (closer to the gas station than to the mortuary), which opened four months...

Schnitzly: Only in Pico-Robertson

Nathaniel Kukurudz, Managing Editor

August 26, 2010

Restaurant review There’s something that I always look forward to when I go the Pico Robertson area (I know, I am Jewish -- but I don’t live there). I don’t know if it’s the synagogues on every corner and more. Maybe it’s the atmosphere. But when Schnitzly opened its doors on Pico just east of Glenville, next door to the Happy Minyan and replacing the short-li...

SushiKo: Japan on Pico

Nathaniel Kukurudz, Staff Columnist

May 23, 2010

Restaurant review Located on Pico Boulevard, Sushiko can pride itself on being the only kosher sushi restaurant in Los Angeles County. With that monopoly comes a big responsibility; it must be good enough to keep people coming and paying the extra price for being kosher, and not wandering off to the plethora of other sushi restaurants – or other kosher restaurants -- in t...

‘La Gondola’ brings us Italy, but just misses

Nathaniel Kukurudz, Staff Columnist

March 18, 2010

Despite its relatively new location in Beverly Hills and everything it needs to make it a leading Kosher restaurant -- including being Italian -- La Gondola has many minor issues that are preventing it from reaching that top level. Ironically, the first of these issues is its location. A well-established and long-standing restaurant that had been on Wilshire Boulevard near...

Shiloh’s takes you to France

Nathaniel Kukurudz, Staff Columnist

January 6, 2010

If you are looking for a truly relaxing and enjoyable evening with a serene atmosphere, you can stop searching, because I have found the quintessential place: Shiloh’s Steakhouse. Just from the outside (on Pico Boulevard, of course), you should already be able to tell that this will be a great meal, and experience too, for that matter. With a valet waiting to park your...