The Boiling Point

Eden’s Sophomore Blog: When being sad is cool

January 17, 2012

Hollywood glorifies everything from vampires to presidential candidates, and lately it has been romanticizing teenagers a little bit too much. Too many shows are on television right now about misfits.  From singing outcasts (Glee) to substance abusers (Skins), right now anyone would feel normal by being ostracized. Sure, I guess these shows could provide some comfort in t...

Rina’s Freshman Blog: Time off

December 25, 2011

Finally it is break! I have been working double-time waiting for this time off. I am finished with the play. I now have one glorious week to spend doing nothing except homework, two projects, studying for three tests, and starting work for finals. But I will have some time to enjoy myself -- plus the fact that we have another vacation in under a month. I know I am going in...

Rina's New Blog Post

December 11, 2011

Hallway talk, or what do Shalhevet students really talk about? When walking through the halls of Shalhevet whether between classes or during lunch you will hear the students and teachers talking to one another. The normal topics of discussion are homework, tests, food, quizzes, crushes, clothes, music, nuclear proliferation, friends, and teachers. Wait -- nuclear proliferation? ...

JoJo’s Blog: Senior Staff Game

December 11, 2011

This Wednesday, December 7, was the first senior staff game in recent memory, if not in the history of the school. The much-anticipated event that helped raise money for the senior Poland-Israel trip was not a disappointment. As the sport court began to fill up with students paying $2 each to attend, the seniors and staff warmed up on their respective baskets. The seniors...

Jordan’s Blog: Finally!

Jordan Banafsheha

November 12, 2011

It finally happened! After two long years of suffering in the Ashkenaz minyan and two years of trying to convince Rabbi Leubitz, we finally succeeded in getting our own Sephardic minyan. In freshman year we were told, “You must stay in the freshman minyan and then next year you guys can go to the Sephardic Minyan.” So we didn’t like it but we had to deal with it. ...

Rina’s Blog: A social or bullying network?

November 3, 2011

A social or bullying network? Nearly the entire student body has a Facebook account. Do they know about the cyber bullying constantly happening on that site? Sure, they’ve probably had a class on reasons not to, and been told that if they know anyone who is bullying to try to persuade them not to, or tell an adult. Honestly though, what kid wants to rat out their...

Rina’s Blog: Me


October 30, 2011

Me I know. Who wants to hear about someone else? I figured that if you were going to be reading my blog you would want to know about me. I am 14 years old. I was born and raised within 45 minutes from where I live now (an hour if there is traffic). I’m a Libra which I know tells some people a lot (yeah right). All it tells me though is that my mom and I like reading the...

Jordan’s Blog: SUKKOT BREAK!!!

Jordan Banafsheha

October 25, 2011

SUKKOT BREAK!!! What a relief! Junior year has been so tough with all the AP’s, honors classes, high-level CAJS Judaic classes, and SAT classes -- but now let’s talk about break. On break all teenagers act the same way. First we say let’s just take a day to sleep and get re-energized before we start studying our AP subjects and working on our essays and proje...

Garden of Eden: Fourth period belonged to Gilad Shalit

October 15, 2011

Today, during fourth period, it was announced to the world that Israel's cabinet was about to vote on an agreement with Hamas that would release Gilad Shalit. How did Hamas and Israel finally see eye to eye? A thousand deadly prisoners will be given in return.   Let’s just state the obvious facts, in case you aren’t up to date. 1. Gilad Shalit was capt...

Ari’s Roar: Lox and a Heat Wave

October 15, 2011

Let’s all pause for a moment of gratitude that this hellish heat didn’t show up over Yom Kippur.  What kind of mid-October day just decides to cook all of L.A. at 96 degrees? I think the sun made me hallucinate, because when I crossed Olympic today, I saw a very peculiar bunch: a shirtless middle aged man in long jeans; a “gangsta”-looking dude in sagging long pants,...

Rose’s blog: 12 sweet days

Rose Bern

October 12, 2011

  It’s been a good day. I woke up knowing that the next 12 days have promised me copious amounts of sleep and lots of tanning and swimming time. I have time to laze around, be myself and surf the web. I’m excited, but I have this sinking feeling in my stomach. We hate thinking about it but every good thing has to come to an end. In 12 days I’ll be forced back...

12th Grade Blog: Ari’s Roar

Ari Feuer, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

September 16, 2011

Our Year   Basketball practices started this week (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) and I also watched 20-plus potential debaters sludge, bumble, and -- occasionally -- glide their way through Model Congress tryouts on both Wednesday and Thursday after school.  But who wants to hear about my insane workload and full schedule, which also includes three AP courses and college...