List of 2012-2013 Boiling Point awards

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Here is a list of the 19 awards won by the Boiling Point and its staff during the 2012-13 school year, in chronological order of when we learned of them.  Unless otherwise stated, all are for work done during the 2011-12 school year.  

National Scholastic Press Association

NSPA: 2012 Pacemaker Finalist, large-paper category (16-plus pages per issue) – one of 16 in the US. This is for the entire year’s work, 2011-12.
NSPA: All-American with Four Marks of Distinction, 2011-12 Critique Service rating
NSPA: 2012 Story of the Year: Honorable mention in the Multimedia Category (third year in a row), BP Staff: “Ancient Ritual for ‘transferring’ sins debuts on the Sport Court,” eight print and online stories plus video
NSPA: 2012 Story of the Year: Honorable mention in the Diversity category, Leila Miller ’12: “Haredi: Who They Are” (three stories)
NSPA: 10th Place Convention Best in Show, San Antonio, Texas, November 2012: This award was for Issue 2 of the 2012-2013 Boiling Point.
Columbia Scholastic Press Association
CSPA Gold Medal with All-Columbian Honors: 2011-12 Critique Service rating
CSPA 2012 Gold Circle Award (Print):  Third Place, Single subject news or feature package design, portfolio of work:  Rachel Lester, ’12
CSPA 2012 Gold Circle Award (Print): Certificate of Merit, Editorial Writing: Rose Bern, “When the work isn’t yours”
CSPA 2012 Gold Circle Award (Print): Certificate of Merit, News Page Design, Tabloid Format: Rachel Lester ’12: “What was that? A closer look at SOPA”
CSPA 2012 Gold Circle Award (Print): Certificate of Merit, Op-Ed or news analysis page design, tabloid format: Rachel Lester ’12, “Judaic classes on the march”
CSPA: 2013 Gold Crown Award, Hybrid Category (print + online) — one of eight in the US. This is for the entire year’s work, 2011-12.
CSPA 2013 Gold Circle Award (Digital): First Prize, In-depth News Feature story: Colleen Bazak and Hannah-Leeba Ellenhorn,“Depression is a real disease, and no, they can’t just cheer up” 
CSPA 2013 Gold Circle Award (Digital): First Prize, News Writing: BP Staff,  “Anatomy of a ruse: False drug-testing story brought laughter, and other emotions” (Colorwar breakout drug ruse story)
National Award,  Feature Writing: Rose Bern, “Paying a Debt” (report on US Navy Lt. Ethan Samuels ’03)
National Award, News Writing: Sarah Soroudi, “‘Ethical Hechsher’ catches on, but slowly”
National Award, News Writing: Alexa Fishman, “‘Got Kosher?’ gets beyond the plastic – slowly”
No high school newspaper has ever competed in this contest before, and The Boiling Point was the only one to do so this year.  Other entrants were all from professional publications.
First place, Boris Smolar Award for Investigative and Enterprise Reporting, newspapers under 15,000 circulation:
Second place, Award for Excellence in Reporting About Women (all newspapers):



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