Live-blog of the Oscars


By Rose Lipner, Arts & Culture Editor

9:00 PM: Hope you enjoyed the songs, jokes & fun of the 86th Oscars! Goodnight 🙂

8:58 PM: Well, that was my first time watching the Oscars all the way through…It. Was. Great.

8:57 PM: 12 Years A Slave for “Best Picture”!!! (which means I just won a bet)


8:55 PM: Here we go… #bestpicture

8:50 PM: First time nominated & first win goes to Mathew McConaughey for “Best Actor”… sorry Leo

8:48 PM: Will Leonardo DiCaprio FINALLY win an Oscar??

8:46 PM: Loving the #Girlpower messages in Cate’s acceptance speech

8:44 PM: … but Cate Blanchett wins for Blue Jasmine!

8:42 PM: Amy Adams, Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock, Judi Dench, & Meryl Streep all deserve the win…

8:34 PM: Alfonso Cuaron wins “Best Director” for, you guessed it, Gravity

8:27 PM: “Best Screenplay” goes to Her 

8:24 PM: 12 Years a Slave wins for “Adapted Screenplay”. Definitely going to check out the book now

8:16 PM: The songwriters of “Let it Go” from Frozen just won for “Original Song”. Wasn’t their speech adorable?

8:14 PM: “Best Score” goes to Gravity, but will it win “Best Picture”?

8:07 PM: Idina Menzel’s beautiful performance of “Let it Go” is giving me the chills

8:04 PM: Twitter broke down due to Ellen’s legendary selfie… only Ellen could do that

7:51 PM: Very touching “In Memoriam” montage commemorating such powerful people. May their legacies live on

7:44 PM: So glad the Great Gatsby won for “Production Design”

7:43 PM: Ellen looks great in anything… even her fairy princess costume

7:35 PM: P!nk is killing it with her rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

7:33 PM: Whoopie Goldberg’s ruby slippers are perfect for commemorating The Wizard of Oz

7:28 PM: Gravity wins… again

7:21 PM: Craving some pizza right now… thanks Ellen

7:14 PM: Congrats to Lupita Nyong’o for her well deserved Oscar for her role in 12 Years a Slave

7:11 PM: So many incredible nominees for “Best Supporting Actress”… who will take the golden statue home?

7:09 PM: …2 Oscars in a row, Gravity is out of this world!

7:07 PM: 2nd Oscar win for Gravity so far. This award was for “Sound Mixing”

7:03 PM: Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, & Ellen… Can I get it on this epic selfie?

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6:54 PM: U2, rocking out on stage with their performance of “Ordinary Love”

6:50 PM: Complimenti (“congrats” in Italian) to the Italian film, The Great Beauty for its “Best Foreign Language Film” win!

6:49 PM: Who will win for “Best Foreign Language Film”?

6:35 PM: Alice Sommer was a Holocaust surviver who died this past week. She was an inspirational pianist and was the subject in “Lady In Number 6”, the winner for “Best Documentary Short Subject”

6:30 PM: Ellen is sitting on the stage playing guitar… Maybe she can teach me?

6:24 PM: Zac Efron is looking dashing in a classy tux #loveit

6:22 PM: No surprise that Gravity won for best visual effects… I felt like I was really in space when I watched it

6:21 PM: Emma Watson should be nominated for “Best British Accent”


6:13 PM:[polldaddy poll=7844646]

6:11 PM: Matthew Mcconaughey is rockin’ his white suit

6:05 PM: Sandra Bullock & Leonardo DiCaprio are sitting next to each other. Two great actors… love it!

5:54 PM: And the Oscars are off to a great start 🙂

5:51 PM: Loving Pharrell’s performance

5:46 PM: #Oscars #Blessed… Ellen, you are amazing!

5:45 PM: Is it weird that I’m jealous of Jared’s hair?

5:43 PM: Jared Leto for best supporting actor for Dallas Buyers Club

5:36 PM: Remember when Jennifer Lawrence tripped last year? #stillloveher

5:34 PM: Meryl cannot afford to be nominated again…

5:30 PM: Here we go!

5:20 PM: 10 minutes until showtime… who’s ready!?!

5:16 PM: Sandra Bullock looks amazing on the red carpet!

5:08 PM: Welcome to the live Oscars blog!!!!