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Andy Green, Class of 2002: Dedicating his life to sharing Judaism

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Shalhevet at 20: A series

Editor’s note: Shalhevet’s first academic year was  1992-93, meaning the school is now 20 years old. The Boiling Point will profile alumni from each graduating class.


Q:  What did you do straight after high school, and what do you do now?

A: Straight after high school I attended UCLA. Now I am a rabbinic student at AJU studying to become a Conservative rabbi.  My wife Charlene and I are also also new parents of a son, Archer..


Q:  What is your fondest or funniest memory from your time at Shalhevet?

A: I have many, but I remember – I’m not sure if you still have this – we used to have a Carlebach minyan, with davening and songs.


Q:  Do you think Shalhevet has influenced you, even after graduation?

A: I do. One of the things that led me to become a rabbi is realizing in college that the Jewish upbringing I had is something most Jews in the country didn’t have.

I didn’t realize it in high school, but Shalhevet gave me tools to share Judaism with so many more people, and now I want to dedicate the rest of my life to do so


Q.  If you could plan a Town Hall for the current students, what would the topic be?

A: That’s hard to answer because I don’t know what issues are most relevant.  Maybe in light of the shooting that just happened [in Newtown, Conn.], maybe a Town Hall on safety and mental health.


Q.  What is the main lesson you learned from your time at Shalhevet?

A: That’a a tough question — to be an authentic Jew is to both observe halacha and to live a life devoted to justice in this world.


Q:  Who was your favorite teacher and why?

A: Teacher I was closet to was Doug Shy, who passed away during my senior year. He was very committed to the principles of the Just Community, and also an Inspiring and gifted math teacher and I really miss him.


Q: What extra co-curriculars did you take part in?

A: Math Team (AMC, AIME participants.), Precalculus TA when I was a senior,  with Doug Shy z”l); Advanced Gemara chug  — we learned at teachers’ homes  with Rabbi Ofer Sabo;  and Carlebach minyan


Q:  When someone says “Shalhevet,” what is the first word or thing that comes to mind?

A: Fire of Torah and Firehawks


Q.  If you could go back and give your high school self some advice, what would it be?

A: Treasure the experience.


Q  If you could start one club/team/co-curricular at Shalhevet for current students, what would you start and why?

A: I was involved in CCC and the Tefilah Coordination Committee. The Boiling Point used to be one of many newspapers at the time. When I was a freshman, the sophomores founded it and when those people graduated it survived.


Q:  Sum up your Shalhevet experience in three words or less

A: Torah and Just Community.

— Sigal Spitzer, Sports Editor

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Andy Green, Class of 2002: Dedicating his life to sharing Judaism