SLIDESHOW: New Teachers 2018-19

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  • Mrs. Cohen, who grew up in London, wants students to confront the uncomfortable. BP photo by Alyssa Wallack.

  • BUSY: Mr. St. Germaine will teach Algebra, Chemistry and two kinds of Physics (five classes in all) and has two small children at home and another on the way. BP photo Alyssa Wallack.

  • PSYCH: Mr. Shavalian published a research paper as a Psychology student at Yeshiva University. BP photo by Zoey Botnick

  • SURFER: Dr. Keiter has degrees in law and in Eastern Languages and Culture, and believes nature helps people connect to "the big picture." BP photo by Zoey Botnick

  • TEACH: Mr. Diamond just finished co-writing a book that explains the business of screenwriting. BP Photo by Jonathan Diamond.

  • FUNDRAISING: Ms. Wolf plans to introduce an intergenerational women’s luncheon featuring A Girl’s Lounge founder Shelley Zalis as a speaker. BP photo by Zoey Botnick

  • ART: Ms. Ortal Klyman comes to Shalhevet with a love of art and 18 years of teaching experience. BP photo by Zoey Botnick

  • RELAX: Mrs. Fasules enjoys spending time with her dog at her family ranch in Montana. BP photo by Zoey Botnick

  • FAN: Watching movies is a hobby for Ms. Wilson, who subscribes to Movie pass, which allows her to go to a movie every week. She also has filmed a PetSmart commercial set to air soon on television. BP photo by Neima Fax

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