The Boiling Point

What can happen in a second

What can happen in a second

May 15, 2016

It’s funny how important seconds are. In one second something can happen that will change your life forever. That’s what happened to me, in one sec...

What we’re wearing: In our closets, a reminder of what makes us human

What we’re wearing: In our closets, a reminder of what makes us human

May 7, 2016

During a Model Congress practice in early February, co-captains Boaz Willis and Daniel Soroudi prompted their award-winning debaters to search the Internet for quotes that could further the team’s already perpetual debate success.

Senioritis: Redundancy and redemption

Senioritis: Redundancy and redemption

February 19, 2016

By Shirel Benji, Staff Columnist Twenty-five minutes into class, and you’re already staring at the clock, counting the minutes until it ends. Your ...

Cancelling class to build a utopia

Cancelling class to build a utopia

September 13, 2015

At face value, it seems to make little to no sense that the school would cancel 10 periods of class time for hour-long discussions on what the Just Community is supposed to look like. Is this really worth the time we are investing?

What We’re Wearing:  For Timeless Fashion, Follow The Don

What We’re Wearing: For Timeless Fashion, Follow The Don

February 15, 2015

One day last month, as I entered Advanced Gemara Shiur, the brilliant and fashion-forward Rabbi Ari Schwarzberg turned to me and asked a question. “Micah,...

WHAT WE’RE WEARING: Who says fashion’s just for girls?

Micah Gill, Staff columnist

September 30, 2013

“What are you shopping for, basketball shoes?” This is the response I receive when I tell my guy friends that I am going to the mall to shop for clothing. For some odd reason, fashion is almost always associated with females. They get to do the shopping, the styling and the dressing.  But I’ll be the first one to tell you that at least at Shalhevet, fashion is...

A SLICE OF SHALHEAVEN: Bittersweet farewell to cockroaches, morgues and other memories

Hannah-Leeba Ellenhorn, Lifestyles Editor

August 16, 2013

Welcome to the end of an era. Goodbye big beige box on Fairfax and San Vicente. So long, hideous blue-ish carpet. Au revoir alarm-will-sound-if-door-is-opened door that is constantly opened and never alarms. Bon voyage everlasting supply of cockroaches! Goodbye Shalhevet that I have known for so many years. The date of demolition is in the near future and it’s time that we ...

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Sand-Which Bar shows good food is good business on Pico

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Sand-Which Bar shows good food is good business on Pico

June 3, 2013

As I learned a few weeks ago in U.S. History class, America’s economy thrives on competition.  You might have thought there were enough kosher restaurants...

A slice of Shalheaven: Missing Seniors Syndrome

May 25, 2013

By Hannah-Leeba Ellenhorn, Arts Editor I’d like to preface my rant by disclosing a bit of a personal medical report. Upon self diagnosis (trust me, my Dad’s a doctor) I spent much of the month of April suffering from something akin to Empty Nest Syndrome. I had Empty Hall Syndrome. The silence in the halls resonated. There could be only two possible reasons ...

What we’re wearing: Trend Revival

Talia Rotenberg, Staff Columnist

June 29, 2012

Fashion repeats itself. But is this actually an issue? How annoyed were you when you invested in that pair of neon pink shoes at the end of summer 2009, only to discover that biker boots were the hot new shoe that coming fall? Luckily, the neon trend, like many past trends, has come back for an encore. Everyone should get excited because it is time to dust off those neon...

A SLICE OF SHALHEAVEN: Don’t let May steal your soul

May 2, 2012

By Katie Feld, Staff Columnist The month of May has graced us with her presence once again. Wait, scratch that…what I really meant was that the month of May has bashed down the doors, tumbled across the room and fallen abruptly into our laps. I do not recall inviting her in and May deserves nothing near a warm, open-armed welcome. If I haven’t made myself clear alr...

Building a Winter Day Outfit

Talia Rotenberg, Fashion Columnist

March 30, 2012

When you wake up in the morning to a gloomy day and realize you have 10 minutes before you have to run out the door, follow this guide for a perfect winter look.  Winter is a time to layer on comfy sweaters, leggings and thermals to stay warm. But living in L.A means being privileged to have great weather at this time of year, which makes dressing for the seasons doesn’t...