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‘Sweet Agony’ of Fantasy Football lures students anyway

‘Sweet Agony’ of Fantasy Football lures students anyway

October 12, 2016

Competition, anxiety and many lost hours of homework are all hallmarks of Fantasy Football, but it seems students at Shalhevet have fallen for it as hard...

First-ever Israeli in MLB would not play on Yom Kippur

First-ever Israeli in MLB would not play on Yom Kippur

October 11, 2016

Dean Kremer, a 20-year-old pitcher drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 14th round last summer, is the first Israeli citizen to sign with a Major League Baseba...

NBA players and owners save season

Jordan Banafsheha, Web Editor

December 23, 2011

Just when the idea of seeing an NBA game seemed like a fantasy itself, Shalhevet students started forming their fantasy basketball teams last week after a fall semester when homework reigned as the NBA season cancelled 16 games due to the NBA lockout. The NBA lockout started July 1st and the season will resume Dec. 25. So what was it?  At bottom, it was about dividing...

OUTSIDE SPORTS: In NBA finals, team ball should trump star power

Ari Feuer, Sports Editor

May 23, 2010

Eight seconds before ending this year’s first round series with the Chicago Bulls on April 27, LeBron James threw the sports world into chaos.  Actually, all he did was throw up a free throw—with his left hand. This year’s Most Valuable Player – who is normally right-handed – sparked a media panic that included articles in major newspapers across the country,...

OUTSIDE SPORTS: Depriving Laker fans of their free tacos … and other miscarriages of sportsmanship among athletes, the public and the media

Ari Feuer, Sports Editor

January 6, 2010

Lack of sportsmanship sadly pervaded a couple of big games this month, one professional and the other a yearly matchup between cross-town college rivals. Curiously, some major stories include free tacos, one team’s dreadful start, and a scandal concerning the private life of a golf pro. Interestingly, a taco promotion that the Los Angeles Lakers hold every home game has...