The Boiling Point

Elana Eden

Elana Eden, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus

Elana Eden vowed never to write journalism again after her first catastrophic story for the BP’s Torah section but went on to become Editor-in-Chief during the 2008-09 school year. After spending a gap year creating controversy in Israel, she promptly moved into a tent on the UC Berkeley campus, which she #occupied for some time.

Elana currently works for The Planning Report in Los Angeles after graduating with high distinction from UC Berkeley in 2014. At Berkeley she was a member of Students for Democratic University, and she also has worked or interned for the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group (East Jerusalem); Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy (MEND), East Jerusalem; Advocates for Asylum  (Jerusalem); the Organization for Refuge, Asylum and Migration (San Francisco); and the Bus Stop Community Center in Berlin.

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