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Boiling Point Policy on Corrections

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The staff of the Boiling Point is committed to delivering objective and accurate news to the Shalhevet  community and beyond. We recognize that in spite of our best efforts, we will sometimes make mistakes, and wish to quickly and completely correct them when this occurs.

The Editorial Board has established the following guidelines for community members to submit corrections to any mistakes that they notice in either our print or online newspaper:

  1. Please describe errors in writing and send to [email protected].
  2. Please be as specific as possible, so that we can respond or take action as needed.
  3. The Editorial Board promises to investigate the error and respond to the submission whether or not we agree that it is a mistake.
  4. If a mistake appeared on the website, it will be corrected within 48 hours of the submission, unless it is submitted within four hours of Shabbat or Chag.
  5. If a mistake appears in print, it will be corrected on Page 2 of the next Boiling Point print issue and also online.
  6. When you are reporting a mistake, please sign with your name and email address so we can reply to you directly.
  7. If you want to correct something which you yourself said — that is, if you yourself made the mistake or said something you didn’t mean — we will still correct it.

Anything in Boiling Point print newspapers or on the website published on or after Aug. 20, 2018, is subject to this policy.

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