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SISTER: Mika Shalom, Oz’s sister, attended Sharfman’s women’s seminary in Jerusalem. She has replaced Mr. Noah Rothman, who’s working toward a bachelor’s degree at UC Berkeley.

YULA grad is new Ed Support assistant for Judaic Studies

This year Mika Shalom, sister of Shalhevet senior Oz Shalom, has joined the Shalhevet staff to assist the student life team and Ed Support to assist students with Judaic Studies.

Ms. Shalom grew up in Los Angeles and attended Kabbalah Children’s Academy for several years. She then moved on to attend YULA Girls High School, and after graduating she spent a year at B’not Torah – Sharfman’s women’s seminary in Jerusalem. 

After arriving back in Los Angeles she enrolled in Santa Monica College and worked at Dr. Now as a Covid tester, while also tutoring and helping children in a Hebrew school.

Ms. Shalom’s hobbies include photography and organizing, and she enjoys being creative while still being organized and planned out. She also enjoys playing volleyball and is looking forward to watching the Firehawks play.

I think that my presence – and having someone young that everyone can talk to who is not really a teacher but part of the staff – is an interesting perspective for them.

— Mika Shalom, Student Life and Ed Support assistant

As a recent high school graduate herself, Ms. Shalom hopes to bring a fresh and young face to the staff. 

“I felt like I could be doing more than just Covid testing,” said Ms. Shalom, “and my brother goes to Shalhevet and he was telling me a little bit about it, like the vibe and what was going on. Then Rabbi Block offered me an interview randomly, and I started to love the idea. Because I think that my presence – and having someone young that everyone can talk to who is not really a teacher but part of the staff – is an interesting perspective for them.” 

Ms. Shalom wants students to know that she will be there for them, both for Judaic Studies work and as a person to talk to, and she hopes to inspire students to enjoy school and bring the best out of every day.

“I want them to know that I’m there as a friend and also there as a staff,” says Ms. Shalom.

Ms. Shalom has taken over the job of Mr. Noah Rothman, Shalhevet alumnus (class of 2016) and Judaic Studies Ed. Support teacher last year. Mr. Rothman is now at UC Berkeley studying toward a bachelor’s degree in anthropology. 

In an interview, Mr. Rothman said he had enjoyed working with students as well as the faculty at Shalhevet.  He also enjoyed being a chaperone on the Model Congress trip and schoolwide Shabbaton, and helping students with their studies.

“I definitely gained professional skills which I am forever grateful for,” Mr. Rothman said. “I learned how to work with people younger than me and how to teach – and I’m interested in education – and I learned kind of how to set up a classroom. In Ed Support I learned skills that you need to be a teacher, and this really helps me now as a student actually.”

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