The Boiling Point

NEW: Ms. Sarah Emerson, has taken over as of last week. She is
the sister of YULA Boys Head of School.

New Executive Director has background in corporate law

January 11, 2017

Ms. Sarah Emerson Helfand, former Cedars-Sina Medical Center Senior Development Officer and the sister of Rabbi Dov Emerson, the Head of School at YUL...

PLAYING: Young Haredi boys grow their payot long and their tzitzit out.

HAREDI: Behind the label is a world apart

June 14, 2012

Many girls at Bais Yaakov – an all-girls Haredi high school in West Hollywood – don’t know who Brad Pitt or Justin Bieber are. But they also don’t...

HAREDI: From Beit Shemesh, a spark that exposed a simmering fire

Leila Miller, Editor-in-Chief

June 14, 2012

Last fall, an insular community that does its best to separate itself from the outside world was thrust into the spotlight after Haredi men were accused of having spat at, and otherwise harassed, a Modern Orthodox second-grader for the way she was dressed on her way to school. The girl’s family said that far from being a one-time occurrence, it was part of a pattern, and...

Haredi Dating: Rabbis, research, resumes and a look into the soul

Leila Miller, Editor-in-Chief

June 12, 2012

Although students at Shalhevet may start dating before girls at Bais Yaakov, they’re probably farther away from marriage. Most girls in Los Angeles' Haredi community expect to begin the shidduch – matchmaking – process when they return from a year of seminary after high school. “You realize it’s very smart, the system,” said Leora, 21, a Bais Yaakov alumna ...