The Boiling Point

Two Boiling Points of View: Too close to tyranny

Jenny Newman, Senior Staff Columnist

March 11, 2011

America’s Founding Fathers believed government should be set up so power would not be concentrated too heavily in the hands of any one person. Though the Internet wasn’t around at that time, that warning still applies today. Don’t get me wrong; the Founders were not paragons of virtue, at least by modern standards. Most of the signatories to the Declaration of Independence...

Two Boiling Points of View: The real world requires it

Nathaniel Kukurudz, Managing Editor

March 11, 2011

Freedom is a marvelous thing. Whether freedom of speech, freedom to protest, or the freedom to surf the Internet, freedom has become synonymous with 'happiness,' and 'America,' and for all the right reasons. This is because freedom is what propelled America to heights that were unforeseen when the founding fathers wrote the Constitution. And so, one would logically assume...