The Boiling Point

Jacob Ellenhorn
Almost everyone knew that Jacob Ellenhorn had a talent for being a critic when he inadvertently pointed out the the flaws in his first grade Siddur play.  Later he expressed his abilities as the in-house arts and entertainment critic and served at various points as staff writer, Communitiy Editor, and Arts & Entertainment editor, where he added "Entertainment" to the title and to the section's content A connoisseur of the finer things in life, Jacob was also involved with Model Congress and runs the Shalhevet Student Store, in which capacity he contributed significantly to the fundraising goal for his senior class’s Poland-Israel trip.

Jacob was Co-Editor-in Chief of the Boiling Point during the fall semester of 2012.  He is now a sophomore at USC, where he is president of the USC College Republicans,  a senator in the university's Undergraduate Student Government, and Executive Intern at the Republican Jewish Coalition.


Jacob Ellenhorn, Co-Editor Emeritus

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