The Boiling Point

After 5,000 years, God is still popular

After 5,000 years, God is still popular

March 13, 2011

Poll shows most Shalhevet students believe in an all-powerful God who cares about morality More than eight out of 10 Shalhevet students believe in God, ...

Baking bread with God

Jaclyn Kellner, Deputy Editor

March 11, 2011

Yeast, flour, time and love combine for a different kind of culinary experience Have you ever wondered why Jews recite netilat yada’im before eating bread, but not before eating anything else? A few weeks ago, I was inspired to bake sourdough bread, and I think I now understand.  Bread is different from other foods because creating it is a partnered effort; throug...

Have a tall caramel latte, but hold the Frappuccino

January 6, 2011

Most of the hot beverages and iced lattés are kosher, but Frappuccinos are not. That’s the good news and the bad news from the Starbucks across the...

Text study says follow your heart, your head and your hand for more meaningful community service

Robin Ashkenazi, Staff Writer

January 5, 2011

In an assembly led by a representative from the American Jewish World Service, students learned in the context of Torah sources how they could improve their volunteering experience using three components of community service: the heart for dedication, the head for understanding, and the hand for action. “If we don’t put our heart into something, there is no value,”...

Local rabbis apply Modern Orthodoxy to tough issues

Local rabbis apply Modern Orthodoxy to tough issues

January 2, 2011

At a first-ever school Modern Orthodoxy symposium, three rabbis who lead shuls that are home to many Shalhevet families captured students' attention when...

Dvar Torah: Parshat Vayigash says to balance Judaism with living in society

Eric Lunzer, 9th Grade

December 31, 2010

In Parshat Vayigash, when Yosef hears that his father Yaakov is ill, he brings his children Ephraim and Menashe over to Yaakov to receive blessings. However, Yaakov doesn’t immediately recognize his own grandchildren and blesses them only after Yosef confirms that Ephraim and Menashe are his sons. But why did Yaakov have doubts? How could he not have recognized his grandchildren?...

Friend’s birthday coming up? Try out the school’s oven

Jaclyn Kellner, Deputy Editor

December 31, 2010

After many whispered “happy birthdays,” hidden celebrations and confiscated cakes, Shalhevet has quietly begun to offer a more personal alternative to baking for friends than purchasing a cake from a bakery. Students are now allowed to bake in Shalhevet’s kitchen after school, as long as they give prior notice to Judaic Principal Rabbi Leubitz and all ingredients are...

Parashat Chayei Sara: The camels that wouldn’t munch

Eric Lunzer, 9th Grade

November 1, 2010

In parashat Chayei Sara, Avraham’s servant Eliezer arrives in Aram Naharayim and brings his camels to a well, where he prays to encounter a suitable wife for Yitzchak.  The parsha says that the camels, which belong to Avraham, stand out from the others; this is how Rivka knows that they’re not local -- they’re visitors.  She offers to draw water for Eliezer and his ...

Rigor and relevancy: New Judaic curriculum replaces AGT classes

Jenny Newman, Staff Columnist

September 10, 2010

“What is unique about Shalhevet students?” That is the question Rabbi Ari Leubitz sat down to ponder  after becoming Judaic Studies Principal in May. It was related to a question he’d been pondering for a long time about Modern Orthodox education. The answer became an overhaul of Shalhevet’s Judaic program, a series of changes that Rabbi Leubitz hopes will change...

YULA’s Rabbi Etshalom to teach Modern Orthodoxy to seniors

Jenny Newman, Staff Columnist

August 30, 2010

The six degrees of separation between Shalhevet and YULA have just decreased. Rabbi Yitzchak Etshalom, who is entering his 14th year teaching at our rival school, has joined the Shalhevet faculty. Rabbi Etshalom is teaching a senior class called Contemporary Modern Orthodoxy, which will explore the definition and meaning of Modern Orthodox Judaism. “The goal of the...

PARASHAT KI TAVO: Tithing for the Levites

Zev Hurwitz, Editor-in-Chief

August 29, 2010

Torah portion for the week of August 25 Parashat Ki Tavo opens with the commandment for Bnai Yisrael to separate two tithes, or 10-percent portions, of yearly produce to donate to the Leviim. However, only some of the tithes must be given to the Leviim; the others, designated “second tithe” or ma’aser sheni, are given as a donation to the poor. As stated previousl...

After six years of teaching, coaching and telling stories, Rabbi Parry says goodbye

After six years of teaching, coaching and telling stories, Rabbi Parry says goodbye

July 1, 2010

A math teacher is going through airport security to go see her family out of state when she is suddenly stopped and searched. Why? She was carrying...