Life on a pause

April 2, 2021

Starting high school as a freshman is challenging enough on its own, but my grade and I embarked on this journey under unique circumstances. Our teachers and peers were all confined to little boxes on our computer screens and stuck at home due to Covid-19.

When I learned we would be permitted to attend on-campus learning sometimes, I was thrilled since it was the first step towards life as we once knew it. I was still meeting some of my classmates, and even now I have not met some of my teachers in person. Learning outdoors and socializing with new people pushed me out of my comfort zone, too, because I could not just turn my camera off anymore.

All the goals we set, all the experiences we planned were put on hold while life was passing us all by.”

It also reminded me of how much easier and how enjoyable learning is in person since it requires less self-discipline. The teacher can easily reprimand me if I am texting or if my attention shifts towards doodling on the side of my paper. Learning in a school environment enables me to fully absorb the information taught.

The pandemic placed life on a pause. All the goals we set, all the experiences we planned, and all the people we desired to meet were put on hold while life was passing us all by. Time is not something we can regain, so if I’ve learned something from this experience, it is to lessen time on devices and make the best out of anything thrown your way. 

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