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RELATIONSHIP: Josh says his dog, Topper, has attitude.

Josh Orlanski: Bonded to His Dog

My dog is very nice, he is a calm old dog, he’s happy and a great dog. He is a fluffy labradoodle, black with ombre paws.His name is Topper.I wanted to name him Sparky but no one else in the family wanted to, so we made that his middle name.

 We are best friends,  We spend a lot of time together — I take him on walks, we bond. He is always in a good mood.  I got him about seven years ago. I take pictures of him. He used to have 2500 followers on Instagram when my sisters were in 7th grade — they decided to make an Instagram because they thought our dog was a beautiful dog and thought that he could be famous. 

His main feature is his attitude. He is on and off, sometimes he is energetic, sometimes he’s lazy. He doesn’t eat alot and he sleeps a lot. On a scale from 1-10 I love my dog an 11. He is the best.

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