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Photo by Eli Rosenthal

SPACE: Jonathan Soroudi has plenty of room but wishes his siblings were home to hang out with.

Jonathan Soroudi: Youngest Sibling. Only Kid in the House.

I am the youngest of four siblings and none of them still live at home. My oldest brother is 27, my sister is 24, and my other brother is 21. None of them live at my house anymore. 

It is lonely being the only one. On a normal school night I don’t have anyone to hang out with. I would say that another negative is that sometimes I just really want someone to hang out with, but I can’t.

Although I hate it, it can also be very helpful. When I have a problem at school, they have all done it. They all went to Shalhevet, they all understand the problems very well. 

I know people say it is annoying and bad to have a crowded house, but I think it is even worse to have a really empty house. I even think that it might be better to have annoying siblings than to have no siblings at all. It’s terrible.


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Jonathan Soroudi: Youngest Sibling. Only Kid in the House.