Photo by Maayan Messica

HEART: Maayan Messica uses music to express her thoughts and emotions.

Maayan Messica: A Special Connection To Piano

Music is a way to connect to yourself when you don’t always want to talk to someone with words. Last time I wrote a song with words was like two, three years ago. The chorus is kind of like, ‘Have I really been knocking all these years admiring your door?’ It’s about my brother, and how I’ve always tried to get close to him and be close with him, but he always kind of kicked me out of his room, and I found  myself just knocking and being like, ‘Hey, let’s do something!’ So then I kind of came to a thought once:  was I really just standing there looking at your door the whole time?  I really like the sounds.  It kind of reaches a piece in my heart that is like, Oh, that’s kind of how I feel.’ And then when it comes to a certain mood, or a certain emotion, then I feel like I want to let that out in music.


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