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Josh Askari, 9th grade

Josh’s parents are American citizens, as well as his Iranian grandmother, who he says may have a difficult time traveling back to America due to what is happening between America and Iran. 

“If you have an American citizenship, you have the right to come to America. They should be questioned, but they shouldn’t be stopped.”

“America is a place where people can come and seek refuge, and now, like half the people that come here [as travelers] can’t come.

“My parents came here from Iran for refuge because the Iranian government was being unfair to the Jews, and now, we don’t know if my grandmother [an American citizen] who’s supposed to come in 10 days, can come anymore because of the whole thing with Iran. 

“If I was fully American, like my parents were always here and they never came from Iran, I don’t think I would put too much thought into this.”

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